Chip's Challenge

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Zack, Ben, and Karl met in college, and we all played instruments, so Karl bought a cheap drumkit and we just started covering songs in our first floor dorm. We were pretty bad, so we never really went anywhere our first year. We weren't even listening to chiptunes that much.

Our second year together was when we got the ball rolling. By then, we were getting hyped about chiptunes. When we saw that Anamanaguchi was playing a show close by, we hopped right in. We all bought the same T-shirts.

It wasn't until a few months later that we actually thought about being a bunch of copycats and playing with those beautiful square waves as our lead instrument. Ben wrote our first song, "Special Beam Cannon," in March 2011. Chip's Challenge was born!

In May 2011, we hit a crossroads. We realized that we weren't serious enough, and we didn't have any songs. Over the summer, we trained our minds and bodies through deep meditation. We came back stronger than ever, and with many new songs.

In September 2011, we played our first show, and in April 2012 we released our first album. We are Chip's Challenge!


This website was designed from scratch by Zack Sigmund. The logo was created by Steve Boyar.